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(Left)Ingrid Kraus accepting the award from Bart Bare.


(Photos by Ree Strawser)

(Right)Linda Jencson accepting the award from Bart Bare.

Nine Years After by Jeff Block - Autobiography

The Tarnished Pulpit by Marcia Cham - Mystery

Come Fly with Me by Dorothy C. Isbell - Poetry

Power Trip by Linda Jencson -– Non Fiction

Hellebore by William F. Kaiser - Historical Fiction

Red Leather Chair by Ingrid Krause - Fiction

The Whirligig of Time by Nora Lourie Percival - Memoir

The Rising Sun; Mountain Gorilla’ Sweet Lendy and Wanted by Peggy Poe Stern - Appalachian Fiction

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Wadmalaw, by Bart Bare - Ghost Story

One Shot Too Many, by Maggie Bishop - Appalachian Mystery

Family Secrets, Three Generations, by Lissa Brown - Young Adult

Hera's Revenge, by Wendy Dingwall - Travel Mystery

Getorix: Games of the Underworld, by Judith Geary - Historical Fiction

Tales of an Animal Communicator, by Nancy Kaiser - Animal Communication

Adya and Olechka: A Postal Romance in Old Russia, by Nora Percival - Memoir

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Regional Fiction for Girl, by Bart Bare

Action Adventure for Lords of Circumstance, by Mike Leach

Historical Fiction for Victims of Conscience, by Neil Wilson

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Soar Above our Yesterdays, by June Bare - Inspirational

Real Country, by Leslie Brunetsky - Humor

Cultures Emerging, by Dr. Linda j. Jencson - Nonfiction

Letting Go, by Nancy A. Kaiser - Memoir

Pell Mell, by Nora Percival - Romance

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Perfect for Framing by Maggie Bishop, Mystery

All Things by June Bare, Inspirational

You Mean I Have To Look at the Body? by Marcia Cham, Memoir

Dresses, Dreams and Beadwood Leaves by Julia Taylor Ebel, Poetry

The Master Craftsman by Lila Hopkins, Family

Melbourne Beach:  The First 125 Years by Frank J. Thomas, History

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Historical Fiction:  Bloodroot by William F. Kaiser

Poetry:  Quiet My Heart by June Bare

Gift Book:  Meow Means Me! Now! by Maggie Bishop

Memoir:  Escape From Andersonville by Richard Graham

NonFiction:  Self-Directed Education by Sal Kapunan

Fiction:  A Time for You by Jack R. Pyle

Regional Fiction:  Above All by Peggy Poe Stern

Fantasy:  Satan's Bargain by Bart Bare

Satire:  Melbourne Beach by Frank J. Thomas

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Dottie Isbell, Marian Coe, Peggy Poe Stern, Taylor Reese, Maggie Bishop & Fran VanLandingham

Murder at Blue Falls by Maggie Bishop, Mystery

Between Us Women by Marian Coe, Inspirational

Reflections by Dottie Isbell, Memoir

Images of America:  Washington County by Donna Akers Warmuth

Children at Play by Fran VanLandingham, Arts and Crafts

The Fortune Cookies of Real Estate by Sal Kapunan, Non Fiction

A Picture of the Past by Taylor Reese, Autobiography

Mountain Splendor by Peggy Poe Stern, Regional Fiction

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Rachel's Story by Marian Coe, Historical Fiction

Getorix by Judith Geary, Young Adult Fiction

The Stud from Horney Hollow by Peggy Poe Stern, Regional Fiction

Putting Up Vittles on Nowhere Road by Frances H. Van Landingham, Cookbook

Legends, Stories and Ghostly Tales by Donna Warmuth, Regional Lore

Essence by Glenn Woods, Paranormal Fiction

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Maggie Bishop, Emeralds in the Snow, mystery romance

Marian Coe, Once Upon a Different Time, historical fiction

Sal Kapunan, The Child Daredevil Hero, young adult memoir

Charles Meyers, Silent Evidence, non-fiction

Nora Lourie Percival, Silver Pages on the Lawn, biography

Peggy Poe Stern, When Robins Weep, regional fiction

Donna Akers Warmuth, Blowing Rock, heritage

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Lila Hopkins, Strike a Golden Cord, romance

Marjorie Kiel Persons, Classical Karaoke, music

Peggy Poe Stern, Heaven High and Hell Deep, fiction

Sal Kapunan, Everyone's an Artist, inspirational

Donna Warmuth, Boone, nonfiction

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Maggie Bishop for Appalachian Paradise, romance

Marian Coe for Key To A Cottage, women's fiction

Lila Hopkins for Weave Me A Song, inspirational fiction

Carolyn Howser & Keely Howser for Simple Pleasures, poetry

Salvador Kapunan for Surviving WWII As A Child Swamp Hermit, memoir

Donna Warmuth for Plumb Full of History: A Story of Abingdon, VA, young adult

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Virginia Abercrombie, Greatest Hits, poetry

Schuyler Kaufman for Dear Mouse..., mystery

Sharon Kellam for An Eclectic Harmony, music

Nora Percival for Weather of the Heart: A Child's Journey Out of Revolutionary Russia, memoir

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Marian Coe for Marvelous Secrets, stories

BJ Foster for Bayou Shadows, romantic suspense

Majorie Kiel Persons for Themes to Remember, music

Juanita Tobin for License My Roving Hands, poetry 

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Jane Wilson for MeeMa's Memory Quilt, local history

Alyce Nadeau for Observations of an Uppity Woman, stories

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Marian Coe for Eve's Mountain, women's fiction

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